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Backstage Photography   Hanno Schnegg, Hannah Hansel

SFX Makeup   Sophie Rechtberger

Hair   Zuzanna Cuker


Fashion Show during Take Festival with live music by Battle Ax and Raju Arara, Vienna April 2016

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"Phil up"

Collaboration with Philipp Timischl for HHDM and Spike Art Magazine #47 "The body issue".

Fashion and photography by Rani Bageria

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Artists: Daphne Ahlers, Beatrix Curran, Dawn Mok, Roland Mathias Gaberz, Elisabeth Greinecker, Anna Holtz, Kayla Guthrie, Lars TCF Holdhus, Martin Kohout, Lonely Boys, Sandra Mujinga, Rosa Rendl, Signe Rose, Lilli Thiessen, Philipp Timischl, Rani Bageria, Julian Tromp, Min Yoon

March 4 – 6 , 2016

F-holes is a group exhibition laid-out as an environment which seeks to re-evaluate relationships between the art object and the sonic object. It displays works of artists and musicians and of some who identify as both or in between.

HHDM – Hinter Haus des Meeres is an artist run space founded by Daphne Ahlers, Roland Mathias Gaberz and Philipp Timischl in April 2012. The permanent space located in Vienna was closed in 2014, since then HHDM operates in a less frequent more project based manner.

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Exhibition at Ve.Sch, Schikanedergasse 11, 1040 Vienna / Austria

Photography ©Ve.sch

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Dear sirs or mesdames,

Please allow us to further introduce Bodies of Work and their participants. We, as a group of bodies that work, explore not only the boundary between fashion and art, the boundary between individual artistic positions, but we question it.

The exhibition shows artistic positions around fashion design, textile design, installation, video and photography that might be separated from one another but are deeply connected in their very origins – because there is no monologue without dialogue and vice versa. Bodies of Work is not to be mistaken for just another juxtaposition, but it is a compilation, an allegory.

May we ask you now to paint a picture with us, and to keep it simple we are going to do a realistic portrait. We start off in the middle of the canvas - beginning with the nose, we will then continue to fully build the eyes, the lips and so on... until our brush passed the cheeks and arrived at the jaw – only at this point we will start to outline.

Now, having finished our portrait, we want to adopt the outlines to make a skirt out of it. Therefore we will first have to flip the outline horizontal and adjust the measurements to our basic pattern, referring to the size we want the skirt in as well as the volume we want to create. We then copy our pattern onto our fabric (double silk satin to enable volume) and before cutting and sewing it, we will even draw the facial shapes on it.

At this point, let us ask ourselves if the skirt is made upon the model or the portrait? And, besides the medium, what is left there to differ the skirt from the painting? Those questions seem to be quite trivial and might as well even tiring, but they lead us to one important subject: is there even something beyond interdisciplinarity? Something, that is not somehow connected?

Sincerely yours,

Signatures of participants

Interdisciplinary group show, Kaufhaus Jandorf (Zalando Fashion House X Notjustalabel)

Participants: Raju Arara, Ajla Ayidan, Rani Bageria, Roy Frederik Culbertson, Josip Novosel, Anna Paul, pcnc_bayHanno Schnegg

Video: Tina Viktor Lichtenstoeger, Raphael Eiloff. Soundtrack: Raju Arara

All images ©Rani Bageria

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Presentation Berlin Fashion Week

Live music Raju Arara

Models Dylan (Viva Models), Tina, Zohra

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Fashion Presentation Tbilisi Fashion Week

Model Una Kutateladze

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Sun Prequel

Rani Bageria
Lorenzo Bernet
Jürgen Kleft
Lennart Schweder
Nino Sakandelidze
Invited by Hanno Schnegg

Wellwellwell Vienna, February 2015

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Rani Bageria, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Dark Disko Edition, Veronica Dreyer, Thomas Feuerstein, Bernhard Frue, Marcus Geiger, Gelatin, Franz Graf, Martin Grandits, Mario Grubisic, Dritan Hyska, Michi Lukas, Albert Mayr, Johann Neumeister, Rita Nowak, Oswald Oberhuber, Katherina Olschbaur, Panos Papadopoulos, Elisabeth Penker, Rade Petrasevic, Danijel Radic, Alexander Ruthner, Björn Segschneider, Nino Stelzl, Studio Mühlgasse Edition, Lilli Thießen, Sophie Thun, Kerstin von Gabain, Franz West, Wendy & Jim, Erwin Wurm, Kocherscheidt & Zallmann, Heimo Zobernig

Ausstellungsdauer: 10.12.2014 - 23.01.2015


Büro Weltausstellung

Praterstraße 42 / Stiege 1 / Mezzanin

Images ©Rani Bageria

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Rani Bageria receives "Modepreis der Stadt" Wien at the Austrian Fashion Awards 2014.

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