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Vienna-based footwear label Rani Bageria is a contemporary brand with an individual and cross-cultural point of view that brings together unparalleled design and superb comfort.

Building on her love of ornament as a mode of expression as well as meditation, Rani Bageria finds inspiration in both the past and the present.

The designer draws from influences such as Indo-Islamic architecture to medieval styles and the mythology of the Amazons. Rani Bageria’s shoes, with an aesthetic based on the iconic Pistol boot archetype, radiate a self-assured attitude, firmly placing her designs in the now.

Blending the archaic with the modern, the wearable with the directional, Rani Bageria’s designs encourage movement and bolster a feeling of liberation.

Made for contemporary women who possess a freedom of spirit, who have places to go and things to do, Rani Bageria’s platform ankle boots and mules are the ideal stand-out staple that provides daily comfort.

Using the artisanal expertise of a small family business in Marche, Italy’s traditional shoemaking region, and combining it with her Antwerp Academy education, strengthened by her experience designing at Chloé, Rani Bageria has gained a loyal following with her singular brand of expressive footwear.


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