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Rani Bageria fashion aims to offer every day options for enigmatic personalities, merging poetic punk with gentle splendor. 

Manufactured in the Marche region of Italy - the heart of women's footwear manufacturing - by Italian artisans with lifelong experience, Rani Bageria footwear is praised for its quality and compelling fit. 


Rani Bageria graduated from the fashion department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2007 and subsequently worked as head of the knitting department of Chloé in Paris. In 2009, she moved to Vienna to study at the Academy of Fine Arts and created works in the artistic field. 2013 saw the creation of her namesake fashion label, presenting multifarious ready-to-wear. 

She has received several awards for her designs, amongst which the Wien Products Award 2017, the Austrian Fashion Award 2014 and the Ann Chapelle Createur Award in 2007. Rani Bageria is recognized for a cross-disciplinary approach to creative expression through fashion, art and music. 


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